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Cookie Policy

Effective date 20/09/2022 - Version 1.2


​​The goal with this document is to provide anyone that comes in contact with Kognic with an understanding of how we manage cookies. We collect many different cookies, but as long as you have not clicked on “Agree” we have not started tracking you.

If you want to come in contact with us at Kognic AB, our HQ is located at:
Lindholmspiren 7, 4117 56, Göteborg
or you can reach us at [email protected]

Our Data Protection Officer is:
Name: Daniel Langkilde
Mail: [email protected]

Definitions - What is:

Cookie - A cookie is basically a text file, a technology that enables us to, through the website, store tokens of information called Identifier in your internet browser as you visit our website. Each time you visit our website or other websites that recognize that specific identifier, a cookie is sent back to us. Cookies are generally used to make websites work efficient and to provide the owner of the website with information about the visitor.

Cookies have a lot of different functions and provide us with information about you like remembering your preference, helping you navigate pages and improving your experience on the website. It is cookies that make sure that the online adverts are relevant to your interests.

When you land on the Kognic website a pop-up provides you with the decision to accept or decline our cookies for different functions (see below).

When you enter the app, you get a brief explanation of what cookies we use and for what purposes.

There are two main categories of cookies:

  • First party cookies, meaning we put and serve them directly on your device.
  • Third party cookies, which are, on our behalf, served by a third party.

Cookies can remain on your device for different amounts of time. Session cookies only exist as long your web-browser is open and are deleted automatically. Others stay much longer and are called Persistent cookies, they survive the web-browser when closed and can be used by the website to recognize you again.

If you have enabled “Do not track” in your settings on the browser, the advertising/targeting cookies will automatically be disabled.

Beacons and Action tags - a beacon or action tag is a visitor identification technology that counts visitors based on what websites they have visited previously and being exposed to tags or beacons. We don’t use this technology to collect personal information but only statistics of our visitors in relation to marketing efforts.

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What type of cookies do we use?

Our website and platform uses cookies to perform four main categories of functions:

  • Essential and strictly necessary cookies that are essential for the website and platform to work properly, such as keeping the user login session.
  • Analytics cookies that help us improve your user experience on our website and platform, and enable us to improve performance with aggregated and anonymized information that we collect.
  • Functionality cookies that enable us to provide a better individual experience for users by e.g remembering settings selected.
  • Marketing/targeting cookies that enables us to track and measure our marketing efforts.

We also use cookies from third parties that enable us to extrapolate digital behaviour and create statistics such as demographics, device used, online behaviour, interests and lifestyle of the visitors to our website and platform.

Click here to consult our cookie list.

How to control and/or delete cookies

You can delete cookies that are saved on your computer. This is done differently depending on what web browser you use. Please consult the support page of your browser.

You can also block cookies by activating that setting in your web browser. However, if that setting is activated you might have problems accessing our website and/or platform as a whole or in part. This is because essential cookies might be necessary for website or platform functionality.

You might also want to set your web browser to notify you when a cookie is received and at that time decide to accept or decline the specific cookie.

For more information about our Privacy policy, click here.

Cookies in the past

If you have accepted cookie(s) and later disabled, we may still use the collected information aggregated and anonymized. What we don’t do is to continue to collect information.

Changes to our policy

We will continuously review and when necessary update this Cookie Policy to reflect the feedback we receive, legal changes, web page changes or changes to the platform and our services. When we change we will edit the “Effective Date” at the top and the version number.

If there are any changes in our cookies in how and what data we process you will get notified with a new Cookie Notice form, we will not start to process your data in a new way until we get the consent we need.

We encourage you to from time to time review this policy to understand how we process your information.