Coverage analysis 

Know what data you have and what data you need. Manage and get an in-depth understanding of your data directly in the cloud platform. Understand your model and take strategic decisions on planning future data acquisitions to save time and reduce costs.

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Know your data to make smart and efficient decisions

Browse and filter all your annotated data

Advanced data visualisation

Powerful filter and browsing capabilities let you search all your annotated data for specific keywords, scenarios, objects, metadata, etc. in an intuitive and easy way. The results help you gain insights into why your model performs the way it does and strategically plan data collection with more.

Manage and keep track on your batches with ease

Version control and traceability

Take full control by knowing when, by whom, and with which guideline a specific batch or set of data was annotated. Combine with filtering to ensure that you train your model with high quality data

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Transfer your data in a blink of an eye

API for data transfer and tracking

Use easy and efficient APIs for transferring your data eliminating the need for manually uploading data and saving time.

Automatically schedule API calls directly from your data pipeline, receive callbacks when data is finished, and automatically download results directly to your storage.

Illustration showing data transfer