AI ecosystem to shape long-haul trucking: Automotive World interviews Kognic

Fresh off the press…

Daniel Langkilde, Kognic’s CEO & Co-founder, was featured again as the leading industry expert in a new article published by Automotive World. Automotive World is the leading trade journal for industry executives across global OEM, Supply Chain and Technology partners.

In this interview, Daniel sheds light on the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in long-haul trucking. Here's an excerpt from journalist, Will Girling's interview with Daniel:

  • While autonomous trucking garners attention, the broader AI ecosystem holds the key to unlocking unparalleled efficiency and cost savings. In the article, Langkilde's insights reveal a collaborative effort with Kodiak Robotics, an autonomous truck (AT) developer for the long-haul sector, to harness AI to advance and grow commercial trucking in the age of AI.
  • Langkilde shares the reality that many thought it would be easier to build autonomous solutions for commercial trucking versus personal driving in urban areas. "Turns out, it’s not,” Langkilde explains to Automotive World, "as a ‘big rig’ needs a sensing range greater than or equal to its stopping distance, but LiDAR sensors with 200-250m ranges don’t suffice at high speeds carrying heavy loads. Daniel finishes to say that by, "creating smarter and faster extrapolations of sensor fusion to fill the sensor range gap,  AI can both feed and be fed the solution here.”

kodiak small


  • In the quest for safer and more efficient transportation solutions, autonomous trucks (ATs) emerge as a game-changer, offering benefits that extend far beyond traditional approaches to long-haul logistics. Jeff Farrah, CEO of the Autonomous Vehicle Industry Association, echoes Langkilde's sentiments, highlighting the transformative potential of ATs in alleviating ongoing driver shortages and enhancing road safety. With AI-equipped trucks boasting enhanced predictive capabilities and increased efficiency, the industry stands poised for a paradigm shift towards a sustainable and resilient future.
  • As the industry navigates the complexities of AI integration, considerations surrounding the broader ecosystem come to the forefront. Langkilde's underscore the importance of collaborative efforts between stakeholders and regulatory bodies, emphasizing the need for a balanced approach that fosters innovation while ensuring regulatory compliance. By broadcasting AI’s ability to solve real-world transport issues, the industry will earn stakeholder trust, and the technology can continue to scale successfully.

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