We are Kognic

Kognic is taking on one of the most challenging areas in mobility - the quest to make automated and autonomous driving systems more accurate and safer.

Today, we help machines reliably make sense of a messy, chaotic, and unstructured world. Our data platform enables partners and OEMs to get to market faster with less risk - and data engineers simply love working with our tools as they build ADAS/AD systems.

Our future though goes far beyond automated driving. Perception is a vital technology in understanding the world around us and our expertise in machine learning is poised to positively impact other markets, such as Robotics, Manufacturing and Heavy Industry just to name a few.

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14/05 2024 • Company
Maximizing Machine Learning Performance: The Significance of Iterative Understanding of Datasets

We are thrilled to announce that our Director of Advisory Services, Tommy Johansson, will be sharing his expertise and insights on "The Significance of Iterative...

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10/05 2024 • Company
AI ecosystem to shape long-haul trucking: Automotive World interviews Kognic

Fresh off the press…Daniel Langkilde, Kognic’s CEO & Co-founder, was featured again as the leading industry expert in a new article published by Automotive World....

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30/04 2024 • Customer stories
Building autonomous vehicles with (almost) no labels: a deep dive with Dr. Holger Caesar

The development of autonomous vehicles is a complex process, requiring a deep understanding of robotics, computer vision, and machine learning. One of the most...

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22/04 2024 • Company
Kognic Achieves TISAX ENX Association’s Assessment Level 3 Compliance Designation.

Kognic Achieves TISAX ENX Association’s Assessment Level 3 Compliance Designation.

Demonstrates Best-in-Class Security Standards for the Automotive Industry in Europe


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19/04 2024 • Product
Addressing the Challenges of Autonomous Vehicle Product Development: Insights from Kognic's CEO

Daniel Langkilde, our CEO and Co-Founder, has recently published a new article on Automotive IQ (a global online community of more than 100,000 automotive industry...

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10/04 2024 • Data insights
Not all data platforms are created equal - Insights from our Director Sales Americas

I share this perspective having been in this space since 2015 with my first AI company - Mighty AI (acquired by Uber), and firmly believe that while the barrier to enter...

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26/03 2024 • Company
Automotive World 2024 Tokyo - Insights from our Head of Markets for Japan

Stowing away the last of the posters and equipment that helped us during the hectic week of Automotive World 2024, I can't help but recognize the shift happening in...

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15/03 2024 • Company
Our CEO's Insights from AITechPark Interview

In a recent interview with AITechPark, Kognic's CEO, Daniel Langkilde, provided a glimpse into the important levers inside our ADAS/AD industry and how Kognic is...

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14/03 2024 • Product
Explore your datasets with Semantic Segmentation

Semantic Segmentation is now supported as a key feature in Kognic's data exploration tools. By revealing critical patterns and insights, Semantic Segmentation helps you...

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27/02 2024 • Processes
Explore your datasets: unlocking insights with Kognic

Data exploration is a critical step in developing machine learning algorithms and computational mission algorithms. Understanding your dataset is essential to ensure...

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15/02 2024 • Processes
A Backender’s Journey; Going From an Entangled Monolithic Codebase to a Loosely Coupled Domain Driven...

Kognic was founded in 2018 with a primary focus on helping machines "see" the world through data - as we strive for automated and autonomous driving . As with many early...

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8/02 2024 • Company
Interview with Daniel, Kognic's CEO: Autonomous Driving and AI Alignment

In a recent interview with SAE International , our CEO, Daniel, talked about the idea of AI alignment and its importance in making autonomous vehicles safer and more...

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6/02 2024 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Ronnie Walker

Today, we want to introduce you to Ronnie Walker! Ronnie is part of our Key Account team and takes care of one of our main accounts, Continental. But there's so much...

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29/01 2024 • Company
Annotating smarter with pre-annotations

A Conversation on Pre-Annotations with Tommy Johansson.

Tommy has been working in the automotive industry since 2006, specializing in ADAS/AD. With a background in both...

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25/01 2024 • Company
Kognic Expands Global Presence in Dataset Management for Autonomous Vehicles
Kognic Expands International Footprint, Solidifies Leadership Position in Dataset Management for Autonomous Vehicles. Accelerates Growth in the United States and Japan


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22/01 2024 • Company
Why AD is complicated from a ML perspective

Can't we use ChatGPT, or any of its cousins, for solving autonomous driving? ChatGPT has celebrated its one year anniversary, and the AI landscape is changing with an...

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17/01 2024 • Company
CES 2024 - Take-aways from our CRO

We just came back from a week of wonders in Las Vegas. And what a week it was! This was the first we've attended CES since pre-Covid and you can definitely say that CES...

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19/12 2023 • Processes
Embracing the Future: The Power of Embodied AI with Kognic's CEO

Ever wondered about the future of AI and its tangible impact on our lives? Our CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Langkilde recently shared some insights in Forbes about the...

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13/12 2023 • Company
Tales from the AI Silk Road - China's future tech scene

My family and I arrived in China on a red-eye flight from Sydney, Australia. While this was already my third visit to China this year, it was our first return to China...

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8/12 2023 • Company
Kognic wins the Sensor-Fusion Solution of the Year!

We at Kognic are thrilled to announce our recent triumph at the Tech.AD USA Awards 2023, where we were honored with the title of Sensor Perception Solution of the Year...

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4/12 2023 • Company
Insights from Silicon Valley: Key Learnings from Kognic's CEO in the Heart of Innovation

In a recent visit to the Bay Area, our CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Langkilde gained invaluable insights that are pivotal for Kognic's future trajectory. Highlighting the...

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9/11 2023 • Company
Agile for datasets? Embracing Iterative Refinement in Machine Learningg

Since joining the ADAS/AD space in 2019, I've seen and read countless presentations about the potential of "data lakes," "scenario libraries," or similar. These are...

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7/11 2023 • Company
The Evolution and Future of Autonomous Driving Technology: An Interview with Daniel Langkilde, CEO of...

The emergence of autonomous driving has undoubtedly marked a paradigm shift in the automotive industry. However, years of research and billions of dollars have been...

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6/11 2023 • Company
The Broken Way of Working with Annotation and Perception

The current way of working with annotation and perception in the automotive industry is broken. With a siloed approach and a long chain of processes, it often leads to...

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2/11 2023 • Company
Kognic Lunches: Building Connections and Attracting Talent

In today's competitive job market, it's essential to attract top talent and build strong connections for the success of any organization. On top of that, it’s really...

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30/10 2023 • Company
How Kognic is Adapting to Trends in Perception

In the ever-evolving field of perception within the automotive industry, we are at the forefront of adaptation. By leveraging the latest trends and insights, we are...

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26/10 2023 • Company
Introducing Image Similarity Search: Enhance Your Data Model with Ease

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest feature, Image Similarity Search. This powerful tool is designed to assist you in finding interesting objects and...

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23/10 2023 • Company
Trends in Perception within The Automotive Industry

In a recent webinar, Olof Wahlström presented some fascinating insights into the trends in perception within the automotive industry. As machine learning continues to...

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19/10 2023 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Olof Wahlström

Meet Olof Wahlström, a seasoned Kognician who has embarked on an incredible career journey, setting sail from the military, navigating the waters of machine learning,...

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17/10 2023 • Company
Introducing The Kognic Platform

Greetings, tech enthusiasts and AI aficionados. We are excited to introduce a significant milestone in the world of AI technology: The Kognic Platform. As a pioneering...

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12/10 2023 • Company
Why business leaders should embrace AI alignment

Our CEO and Co-Founder, Daniel Langkilde, recently penned an insightful article on Forbes titled "Why Business Leaders Should Understand AI Alignment." In this blog...

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9/10 2023 • Company
Unmasking the Shadows of AI: Ethical Concerns in the Digital Workforce

The artificial intelligence (AI) industry has undoubtedly transformed the way we live and work, promising unprecedented levels of automation and convenience. However, as...

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5/10 2023 • Product
Automatic 2D Tracker

We are excited to announce the launch of the new Automatic 2D Tracking. This assistive feature improves the annotation process for 2D sequences by automatically...

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2/10 2023 • Processes
Graph Convolutional Networks for Complex Scenario Classification

A couple of weeks ago marked a significant milestone for us at Kognic as we celebrated the successful presentation of Tobias Hoek's master thesis. During his time with...

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27/09 2023 • Company
Kognic & Nordic Ninja: Shaping the Future of Human-Machine Interaction

In a world driven by innovation and technology, companies that have the potential to change the way we live and work often find themselves in need of substantial...

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5/09 2023 • Product
The Color Point Cloud - greater clarity for your dataset.

Our product team is very excited to introduce a new feature within our core toolset - introducing new Color Point Clouds from images. This Color Point Cloud modewill...

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1/08 2023 • Company
The race to the bottom in AI.

How would you feel if your AI solution was built on the back of exploitative working conditions and practices? Well, welcome to the world of data labelling and business...

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31/07 2023 • Company
All about Autonomy Podcast

Listen to an in-depth interview with Daniel Langkilde, Kognic's CEO and Co-Founder, on the state of autonomy in automotive and beyond. The quest for Level 5 autonomy in...

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19/07 2023 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Sam Wright

Welcome to part 4 of our series Meet the Kognicians, where you can get to know more about people working at Kognic. This time, you will meet Samuel Wright, commonly...

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11/07 2023 • Company
Stories from the road

Our team at Kognic has finished an intense period of expo, conference and speaking engagements across the globe. We want to thank our business partners and our support...

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3/07 2023 • Product
Fine-tuning through Exploration

Iteration is the way to go...

Machine learning, and most of AI, is about learning patterns from huge amounts of data. With supervised machine learning, the annotated...

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25/06 2023 • Company
Kognic announces new hires to bolster senior leadership team.

Kognic, today announces the appointments of Przemek Sienkiewicz as Chief Revenue Officer, Steven Spieczny as Vice President of Marketing and Peter Sunna as Vice...

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16/06 2023 • Processes
Improving Developer Experience in a Small Organization

Jessica Andersson, Product Area Lead here at Kognic, was recently interviewed as part of the Conference for Software Developers - NDC Oslo - about how to manage...

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7/06 2023 • Company
Smart talk at VECS 2023

Our team had a productive VECS 2023 – the Vehicle-Electronics-Connected-Services conference and expo here in Gothenburg. With attending industry partners delivering...

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7/06 2023 • Company
Automotive World interviews Kognic

Fresh off the press…Daniel Langkilde, Kognic’s CEO & Co-founder, was featured as the leading industry expert in a new article published by Automotive World. Automotive...

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22/05 2023 • Product
The Segment Anything Model – SAM

We’ve seen some wonderful advancements in machine learning enabled by foundation models and this is a biggie. As announced and released by Meta AI, their SAM is a big...

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17/04 2023 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Sara Lindgren

Welcome to part 3 of our series Meet the Kognicians, where you can get to know more about people working at Kognic. This time, you will meet Sara Lindgren, one of our...

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28/02 2023 • Processes
What challenges is automated driving currently facing… and what can we expect to happen in the coming...

This won’t be the first or the last time we state that developing safe perception systems requires resources, time, skilled technical teams and the right tooling. As we...

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14/02 2023 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Mengxue (Mia) Nie

Welcome to part 2 of our series, Meet the Kognicians, where you can get to know more about our amazing team working at Kognic! This time, we chatted with Data Delivery...

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30/01 2023 • Product
Updating your annotated data made easy - with our new Dataset Refinement tool

You are probably in possession of or creating a large dataset. Throughout the years, you have learned a lot about what data you need to succeed. In the beginning, you...

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12/01 2023 • Product
New feature spotlight! Multi-sensor labeling

We have news for you! Our latest feature, Multi-sensor labeling, is now available for all our customers. And as far as we can tell, it’s already helping teams be highly...

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17/12 2022 • Processes
Navigating some ethical dilemmas of increasingly automated driving

Technological breakthroughs typically generate debates around social and ethical issues. Increasingly automated driving is no exception, and researchers have been...

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19/11 2022 • Processes
Obstacles you can encounter when working with your model - and what to do about them

Safety is and has always been a cornerstone in safety-critical industries for decades. And the automotive one is no exception! In order for increasingly automated...

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26/10 2022 • Customer stories
Together with the team at Kognic, Zenseact was able to convert problems into solutions

A bit less than 300m, a refreshing 3 minutes walk by the beautiful pier of Lindholmen, separates our office from Zenseact’s. A couple of years ago we were even closer:...

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12/10 2022 • Processes
Reviewing quality in a efficient manner: the importance of communication

Making cars pass their vision test is a vital task. That is why at Kognic we’re driven by performance, and safety, while always aiming to be cost-efficient. In...

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30/09 2022 • Company
How to develop cars that pass their vision test

We’re here to make safe perception possible by enabling cars to pass their vision test. It’s a bold statement, we know. How do we make this a reality? To answer this...

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26/09 2022 • Company
We are Kognic

We are becoming Kognic, and we make safe perception possible.

Automated driving will have a huge, positive impact on the world. Most importantly, it will help save...

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20/09 2022 • Data insights
Why (even random) annotation errors are problematic for perception

Annotation errors pose an ever-present headache to machine learning engineers. To what extent is it worth eliminating them? We have indeed seen indications that modern...

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9/09 2022 • Data insights
Common Sense: a pragmatic approach to unit testing a perception system

Achieving self-driving cars is the big challenge of our generation. At Annotell, we think a lot about how to validate the safety of the perception system of autonomous...

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10/08 2022 • Data insights
Understand your dataset quality through our newest addition: Dataset Quality Analytics

Safe AD or ADAS vehicles require an excellent perception system to be able to perceive the surroundings, interpret them and move accordingly in a safe way. The...

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3/08 2022 • Company
We are our people

At this point, you might know a little bit about us and what we do. If not, and in case this is the first time you read one of our blog posts, let us tell you that we...

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13/07 2022 • Processes
This is how we ensure that our clients deliver a market-leading automated driving experience

Working with the future of mobility is truly fascinating, yet it also comes with big responsibilities. As experts in safe perception, we know ensuring safe autonomous...

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23/06 2022 • Company
How can we create a great automated driving experience? On data, safety and accountability

How can we ensure a great automated driving experience without risks of accidents? While the race towards fully autonomous vehicles is ongoing, and with some...

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15/06 2022 • Company
Fair Working Conditions & Global Dependencies in Machine Learning

The past decade has witnessed explosive growth in Machine Learning (ML) in automotive and other industries. In the future, AI will automate jobs and get complicated...

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18/05 2022 • Data insights
This is how we won the Edge AnnotationZ challenge

In December, Zenseact partnered with AI Sweden to launch the Edge AnnotationZ challenge, a two weeks hackathon focused on automatic annotation on the edge. During the...

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13/05 2022 • Processes
Creating data labeling guidelines for safe self-driving vehicles

The perception subsystem of an Autonomous Vehicle (AV) must enable the overall vehicle to drive safely. How? Well, most perception systems developed today are utilizing

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12/02 2022 • Company
Meet the Kognicians - Meera Ranganathan

At Kognic, culture matters. We don’t just share our goals and values, we live by them. And this reflects in everything we do, from an All-Hands meeting, to writing an...

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11/02 2022 • Product
How to maximize velocity when improving your model for safe perception

The road to safe perception is no bed of roses. Having enough coverage, getting enough data with sufficient quality, training your model, making sure that it performs...

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3/02 2022 • Company
Announcing our $24M Series A co-led by Metaplanet and NordicNinja

We founded Kognic four years ago to make safe perception for autonomous vehicles possible. Today, many of the world's largest OEMs, T1s, sensor makers, and AV companies...

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5/01 2022 • Data insights
How can we ensure the delivery of reliable ground truth to enable the development of safe autonomous...

The perception subsystem of an Autonomous vehicle (AV) must enable the overall vehicle to drive safely. Many car manufacturers and suppliers are considering the concept...

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3/11 2021 • Customer stories
ZKW uses Kognic to develop its perception capabilities

In the future, self-driving cars will need to perceive objects on the roads and comprehend what traffic signs indicate. System supplier ZKW is working on bringing this...

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1/11 2021 • Data insights
Complete Data Coverage with the Kognic Platform

At Kognic we are dedicated to making safe self-driving perception a reality. We believe that we can vastly speed up development time of self-driving cars by improving...

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8/09 2021 • Data insights
How perfect can we reasonably expect annotations to be?

Data quality is at the heart of Kognic. The ground truth, which we are annotating, is however sometimes a bit ambiguous; the limited resolution and sharpness of a...

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6/07 2021 • Processes
Code Custodian - how to clean your code

How do you make sure that the software at your company is good? In this post we’ll tell you how one team at Kognic works to continuously improve the code quality and...

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22/06 2021 • Data insights
Why more training data cannot make up for poor annotations

If there are annotation errors in the training data, it is often taken for granted that adding more training data will cover them up. To research this claim, we did an...

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7/06 2021 • Data insights
Annotating sensor data or reality

The success of any machine learning project stands or falls with the quality of the data used. At Kognic, we are well-known for our high quality data annotations. To...

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17/02 2021 • Company
How to efficiently onboard thousands of annotators to ensure consistent quality annotations

The development of perception systems for autonomous vehicles depends on humans to provide interpretations of the world, a.k.a annotations, from which the algorithms...

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26/01 2021 • Data insights
What we learned from introducing interactive automation to our users

Kognic provides fast annotations while keeping the quality high. An important factor for making sure this stays true is the use of efficient annotation workflows,...

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21/12 2020 • Processes
Deploying interactive machine learning

Kognic makes use of machine learning to annotate data faster with higher quality. It is always a challenge to deploy machine learning tools in a real production...

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1/12 2020 • Data insights
Measuring data quality efficiently

In this blog post, we talk about...

  • why the quality of annotated data is important, and some ways to quantify it
  • why it is expensive to measure the annotation quality...
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29/09 2020 • Company
Kognic is announcing our €5.8M Seed Funding round

We just closed a €5.8 million Seed Funding round to enable us to accelerate our global expansion. The last two years since we started have been incredible, but we have...

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9/09 2020 • Company
Kognic selected as one of the hottest tech startups in Sweden for the second year in a row
Image from

Every year, the leading Swedish tech newspaper NyTeknik carefully selects the 33 hottest start-ups in Sweden. A seven-person jury evaluates the...

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1/08 2020 • Company
New office for our Headquarters

With the rapid growth of the company also comes new requirements for larger dedicated office spaces. We are therefore excited to announce a new milestone in the...

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