The Kognic  Platform enables product teams to assemble and manage custom data pipelines to drive ground-truth for ADAS/AD. 

With evolving data at the center, Kognic's software tooling helps enterprises to explore, shape and explain their datasets, iteratively and accurately, across global teams and multiple missions. 
Complex and dynamic datasets
Model performance through validation
Datasets with human feedback


The more you understand the connection between data quality and its impact on your model performance the better you’ll be able to update and train future models. Leverage the Kognic Platform to inspect your data and gain the lowest effort-to-value ratio of any ML activity.

Pioneering capabilities

  • Curate the most relevant datasets to ensure only useful information is retained for annotation
  • Ensure that your dataset is prepared for its intended use and coverage for your ODD
  • Assess model performance to build multiple improvement scenarios
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Don’t let the data overwhelm you
  • Quickly assess issues from sensor calibration, hardware dropouts and timestamp correlation
  • Plot Guidelines and Safety argumentation ahead of workforce engagement with detailed acceptance criteria mapped to potential use casing
  • Quality and time analysis, ambiguity test definition, quality checker app design and implementation


At the core of the Kognic Platform is Kognic’s proven annotation and visualization tool-set for computer vision. Speed, scalability, and intuitive interfaces are the hallmarks of our solution for human feedback. 

Pioneering capabilities

  • Best-in-class platform for annotation of sensor fusion (LiDAR, Radar & Camera)
  • Access the widest variety of proven use-case solutions: 3D Semseg, Light Source - Dynamic Objects, 3D Lanes, et al
  • Iteratively identify and fix data/model issues with "Machine & Human in the Loop"
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LiDAR getting you down?
  • Adjust for temporal synchronization of objects from multiple LiDAR sources
  • Traceability from annotation back to specific LiDAR source(s)
  • Through relative motion compensation, gain LiDAR undistortion of individual objects
  • Powerful automation and deep learning assistants to achieve highest speed with targeted quality


Our performance analytics help you understand how well your model is performing in relation to your expectations. The Kognic Platform provides all aspects of dataset, workforce and test performance reporting to validate your model with ease.

Pioneering capabilities

  • Ready-made statistics, KPIs and key visualizations
  • Custom reporting and traceability features to identify the origin of model performance
  • Integrated Quality Reports allowing direct assessment on quality and time metrics
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You can’t manage what you can’t measure.
  • Discover critical anomalies through our powerful Prediction Gap Lens by comparing annotations to predictions
  • Quality Assurance efforts can also be scaled up or down and adapted to your workflows and policies - based on individual KPIs’ relevance for your model training/validation
  • Through defined custom checker apps, our solution will automatically detect errors and warn the annotator and assigned LQMs

Orchestration & Composability

The Kognic Platform optimizes the end-to-end data experience for large organizations through a comprehensive API bench.

Machine learning requires customizable workflows to align both internal and external teams. Kognic has integrations to workforce management, such as real-time assessments of project, team and annotator performance for more efficient operations.

Pioneering capabilities

  • Easy-to-use data importing/exporting
  • Self-service project configuration
  • Team, roles & task definition
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People, process and performance.
  • Scalable QA processes and workflows that are customized to project need
  • Solutions Engineering team for enablement of custom integrations with your cloud/data center
  • API expansion for uploading of model predictions
  • Workspace instances to manage entities such as data, annotation instructions, configurations

Software powered by expert perspective

Most of our clients come with questions - which are always a great place to start. That is why we have the most trusted Advisory Services team in the industry - perception experts, ML engineers and data scientists - to help guide, train and advise your team on how to get and maintain proprietary advantages with your data. 

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