Documentation & Support

Whether you're a data engineer, perception expert, annotator or simply curious about our platform, you'll find our user and developer documentation to help you start - and grow - your experience with the Kognic platform.

User Docs

Our User Documentation will provide important information on how to get started inside our Kognic platform, introductions to key concepts and detailed instructions on how to use our intuitive UI. We'll always post updates to new components being released, so bookmark this now!

Kognic User Documentation

Developer - API Docs

Kognic provides HTTP APIs to our client-facing services and an API client library to wrap basic API calls to simplify calling from Python. We're constantly upgrading our API catalog, so check back often.

Kognic Developer API Documentation

Help Center

Kognic is collecting the most common questions and topics from our users here. These include Support Guides for important processes that everyone needs to know. Take a read here - you can also find a link for Kognic Technical Support.

Kognic Help Center