The relentless pursuit of performance and trust. 

Kognic provides the data platform accelerating machine learning for performance-critical applications.

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Our approach

Performance and Trust for Perception.

Kognic's proven MLOps tools empower automotive engineers and product teams to develop, test and deploy ADAS/AD systems in measurable and cost-efficient ways.

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Our software

The data platform accelerating machine learning for performance-critical applications.

It’s easy to waste a lot of money when producing datasets, and even then it’s not certain you will achieve the desired results in terms of safety and performance. Our platform connects safety and performance expectations to dataset quality to make sure you get the data you actually need.

Quantify the quality of your datasets and validate your safety case

The Dataset Quality Analytics is the first product from our Perception Analytics software stack. This sophisticated and powerful product will help you reason about the optimal model performance you can expect to measure.

With its next-generation tooling, you can track key performance indicators and measure the quality of your dataset with detailed information of your perception data in an unique way.

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“Kognic has a very talented team who understands the problems of automated vehicles' safety, sensor fusion, and large-scale data processing. Their platform, scalability and quality make them our preferred partner.”
Director, T1 customer

Our solutions

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Test your safe perception system before starting series production

With Kognic, you get full coverage from quality data production, to expressing your use case, creating the right guidelines and measuring the performance of your system. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole journey, ensuring that you deliver great automated driving experiences.

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