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The relentless pursuit of performance and trust.

Kognic provides the data platform accelerating machine learning for performance-critical applications.

Nordic Ninja


Nordic Ninja & Kognic in the news.

The announcement Kognic and Nordic Ninja's partnership forged back in 2022 was again echoed in one of the main Swedish financial media platforms.

The Japanese-Baltic venture capital firm recognizes Kognic's innovative prowess in human-machine interaction technology and shares our vision for a more intuitive tech-driven future.
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Watch our last Webinar session! 
Join our last webinar session with our Product Superstar, Olof Wahlström, where he explores how the evolution of our customers' needs affects datasets for perception. We get into the changing landscape, new technologies and how we're future-proofing the Kognic approach.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best.
Color Cloud


Introducing "Color Point Cloud" mode
Elevate dataset visibility with Kognic's latest innovation. Explore your point cloud data in a whole new dimension with color for faster assessments and deeper insights.

Engineers, conquer calibration & time-sync challenges effortlessly. Unveil the power of color!
AI Race Ethics


The race to the bottom in AI.
How would you feel if your AI solution was built on the back of exploitative working conditions and practices? Well, welcome to the dark underbelly of data labelling.
Our CEO & Co-Founder, Daniel Langkilde, is being featured in new articles on this important topic.

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Data Refinement


Data Refinement - the secret sauce.

Our product team is continuing to deepen the feature set within our Data Refinement capability.

Read a new post outlining a unique lens we’ve enabled in our platform to provide targeted search, comparison and subsequent refinement of existing object annotations. 
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SAM thumbnail for ticker


SAM integration is now LIVE!

Yes, you can Segment Anything! Our product team is excited to show off our integration of the Segment Anything Model from Meta AI in the Kognic Data Platform. It’s a wonderfully efficient way to bring a large and diverse set of object data into your model.

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We are hiring at Kognic.

We are growing and need you! We're seeking a range of talented co-workers within our Engineering, Product, Marketing and Project Management teams. Let's get connected and start the conversation...

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Our approach

Performance and Trust for Perception.

Kognic's proven MLOps tools empower data engineers and product teams to develop, test and deploy perception systems in measurable and cost-efficient ways.

Sound familiar?

  • We need better use of our team’s limited time & resources to get the best return on model performance.
  • How can we find and compare the objects that deserve the most attention from our workforce?
  • Are there any efficiencies we can exploit to move faster - but still maintain accuracy?

    Dive into the  Prediction Gap Lens™ – a new key feature of our Data Refinement capability. Let Kognic’s platform maximize your team’s engineering velocity and model performance for Perception system impact.

    Download our new KSheet where we outline the Prediction Gap Lens
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Our software

The data platform accelerating machine learning for performance-critical applications.

It’s easy to waste a lot of money when producing datasets, and even then it’s not certain you will achieve the desired results once your machine has trained on the data. Our software aligns safety and performance expectations to dataset quality to make sure you get the data your AI product actually needs.

Perception Analytics
Ground-Truth Platform

Quantify the quality of your datasets and validate your safety case

The Dataset Quality Analytics is the first product from our Perception Analytics software stack. This sophisticated and powerful product will help you reason about the optimal model performance you can expect to measure.

With its next-generation tooling, you can track key performance indicators and measure the quality of your dataset with detailed information of your perception data in an unique way.

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Cost-efficient production of data for safe perception

Based on your safety case and expected perception performance, we provide you with the right data, in the most cost-efficient way.

Our scalable platform is specifically designed to cover all automotive-related use cases and it is able to meet the very high quality requirements that come with developing and validating safe perception systems. Buy transactions as a turn-key solution, or license our platform and use it in your internal data pipeline as you see fit.

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“Kognic has a very talented team who understands the problems of automated vehicles' safety, sensor fusion, and large-scale data processing. Their platform, scalability and quality make them our preferred partner.”

Director, T1 customer

Our solutions

We help you create a great customer experience

Tier 1
Tier 2
L4 - L5


Test your safe perception system before starting series production

With Kognic, you get full coverage from quality data production, to expressing your use case, creating the right guidelines and measuring the performance of your system. Our team of experts will guide you through the whole journey, ensuring that you deliver great automated driving experiences.


Tier 1

Quantify and validate your datasets with our metrics, ensuring customer satisfaction

We empower your team with our sophisticated platform to measure and meet performance and safety requirements. You will get the necessary metrics to quantify and validate your datasets and thus ensure customer satisfaction.


Tier 2

Prove that your hardware is the best solution on the market

Our software will provide you with the data you need to develop your product, reach a higher level of performance and prove that your product is the best solution on the market. By measuring and identifying where to improve, our solutions will always guide your efforts.


L4 - L5

Argue the safety of your perception system

The road to a great automated driving experience has no shortcuts. Getting high enough performance for a large enough operational design domain is necessary. You need high quality data to meet safety and performance requirements. And perception analytics.

This requires state-of-the-art software which offers you full coverage, quantifies the quality of your datasets and validates your safety case. With our solutions you will be able determine how good your datasets are, and improve the perception systems you work with, in order to reach key safety and performance indicators.


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