Improving Developer Experience in a Small Organization

Jessica Andersson, Product Area Lead here at Kognic, was recently interviewed as part of the Conference for Software Developers - NDC Oslo - about how to manage developer experiences in smaller, but growing technology companies.

Jessica detailed that our strategy at Kognic, to enhance and accelerate the developer experience, has been to remove time-consuming tasks and bottlenecks. "Start out by unblocking developers. If a developer has to wait for someone outside their team in order to make progress, then they are not able to act as an autonomous team and take full ownership of their product life cycle."

Another crucial dynamic noted by Jessica is,"how you introduce changes matters and it’s easier to apply changes if you have created an understanding of the "why" before you do so". A new workflow for developers would meet less resistance in adoption if the developers understood why and how it was an improvement.

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hero image by Joan Gamell