Introducing The Kognic Platform

Greetings, tech enthusiasts and AI aficionados. We are excited to introduce a significant milestone in the world of AI technology: The Kognic Platform. As a pioneering industry leader in machine learning tools for safety-critical AI, we are proud to unveil this revolutionary solution designed to manage complex datasets for sensor-fusion.

Bridging the Gap Between Human Expectations and AI Systems

In the near future, everything that moves will need autonomous solutions, including automotive, heavy manufacturing and robotics industries. Kognic's Platform fills this critical gap in the market, defining, refining and validating large datasets to train machine learning models.

For the pioneering builders of AI, who often find the lack of dataset engineering tools to be  the most challenging aspect of their work, Kognic provides an efficient and flexible toolset that enables developers to explore, define and refine their datasets.

Daniel Langkilde, CEO and Co-Founder at Kognic commented: "The future of positive, helpful and impactful AI will depend on aligning human and machine intent. As AI continues to develop at a rapid rate, the volume of data AI developers and businesses manage will explode. In order to manage these increasingly complex models more effectively, our customers need enterprise-grade tools to get the job done."

At the core of the platform™ is Kognic's industry-leading annotation engine which enables multi-sensor fusion - merging data from sensors such as radar, LiDAR and camera - for ADAS and AD products. With intuitive interfaces for visualizing complex sequences, Kognic's solution speeds AI product teams' efforts to explore, shape and explain their datasets. The fine-tuning capabilities of the solution provide significant efficiencies that are essential to gaining leverage on improving model performance for perception.

The Platform of Choice for Leading Industry Giants

Our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. Major players in the tech and automotive sectors, including Bosch, Qualcomm, Continental, Smart Eye, and Zenseact, have adopted Kognic's Platform to bolster their AI endeavors.

Oscar Petersson, CFO and Co-Founder, underscores the importance of safety in AI development. Misaligned expectations are the most common reason for AI project failures. Without human feedback, AI systems may make critical errors. To mitigate this, we have made it as user-friendly as possible to provide feedback to AI systems, ensuring both high performance and trust. This is particularly vital for safety-critical applications like robotics and autonomous driving.

Looking Forward

Daniel Jeffries, Managing Director of the AI Infrastructure Alliance, remarks, "The AI infrastructure landscape is evolving incredibly rapidly. Enterprises are facing increasing pressure to make sure their models and AI systems are safe and reliable. Innovative AI alignment platforms like Kognic will be essential in making sure that the next gen of models closely reflect our values and do what we want them to do much more often."

Furthermore, Kognic's composable architecture allows businesses to tailor workflows according to their unique needs, offering transparency for all stakeholders and seamless integration with pre-existing MLOps infrastructure, third-party tools, and internal or external annotation workforces.

Join the Kognic Community

Since our establishment in 2018, Kognic has experienced remarkable growth, securing over $31 million in funding and achieving 90% year-over-year growth. With a presence across Silicon Valley, Seattle, Detroit, and Japan, we are expanding globally, offering Account, Sales, and Solution Engineering talent. Kognic is on a mission to elevate AI development and ensure it aligns with human expectations, and we invite you to join us on this journey.