Kognic Lunches: Building Connections and Attracting Talent

In today's competitive job market, it's essential to attract top talent and build strong connections for the success of any organization. On top of that, it’s really expensive to find the right people. As a company, we are constantly rethinking ways to attract the best talents to the company.

And guess what? Our people know great people! That's why we came up with Kognic lunches.

But first, let's take a quick trip back in time ⏰

The idea of Kognic lunches was born during an employer branding group meeting. Anton Svensson (probably the best legal counsel in Gothenburg) suggested Kognic lunches as a way to both attract and retain talent. We quickly figured: The cost of implementing a monthly lunch paid by Kognic is so small compared to the potential of closing our next hire. So we went for it 😍

Kognic Lunches: how it works

Kognic lunches serve as a platform to market our people – we want them to feel empowered and excited.

The concept is simple: once a month, every employee is able to expense a lunch for two on the company. You can invite whoever you want and the only caveat is that you need to tell the person you are inviting that Kognic is paying for lunch. Nothing more, nothing less! Unless you want to of course 😉

There are 2 rules our people have to stick to:

  • We are talking “normal” lunches, so no champagne/caviar kind of lunch 🥂 Now that we mention it, no alcohol is allowed altogether.
  • Guests can not be the same. For us to maximise the impact of Kognic lunches, you can’t invite the same person for lunch twice.

Attracting the Right People to Kognic

One of our main goals at Kognic lunches is to attract the right people to join our company. By inviting their connections to lunch, our team members create a friendly and relaxed environment for individuals to learn more about us. This personal interaction provides a glimpse into our work environment, values, and commitment to the growth and development of our employees.

Expanding Connections Beyond the Lunch Table

While Kognic lunches primarily focus on attracting talent, they also foster connections and relationships that go beyond the lunch table. By engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and industries, Kognic employees have the opportunity to expand their professional networks.

These connections can lead to collaboration, partnerships, and other exciting business prospects. By sharing their stories and values, our team members create a positive impression of the company and its employees, further enhancing Kognic's reputation as an excellent place to work.

What Kognic lunches can look like

Kognic lunches are not just about sharing a meal; they are about building connections and sharing stories. Our employees often also take the opportunity to share about it on LinkedIn, further increasing the reach of the initiative.

Sara, our superstar data scientist, took her mentee Shweta to lunch in Lindholmen:

"Shweta and I are mentor and mentee in the mentorship programme Öppet Hus i Göteborg. We first met at a Pink Programming camp last summer, and now we meet up to discuss data science, career stuff, and of course life in general 🥰”

Björn, our product marketing manager, treated his previous American colleague to a delightful lunch at Kooperativet:

  • Bjorn and Henry
  • Henry

Henry relocated to Sweden last year while I was employed at another Gothenburg Startup. Our bond began when I extended an invitation to his family for a dinner when he first arrived. Since then, we have been not only colleagues and business partners, but also good friends. During our Kognic lunch, we had a conversation about recent events and I shared my experiences from my initial weeks at Kognic.

The impact on Kognic

We firmly believe that the cost of our Kognic lunch initiative is far surpassed by the numerous benefits it brings. Not only does it contribute to happier employees who feel valued and supported, but it also creates a positive work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity, and overall well-being. Kognic lunches serve as a powerful tool for spreading the good word about our company, showcasing our commitment to employee satisfaction and enhancing our reputation as an employer of choice. In summary, while there may be a cost associated with the Kognic lunch initiative, its incredible value and positive impact on our workforce make it a worthwhile investment.