Meet the Kognicians - Polly Jing Li

Welcome back to our "Meet the Kognicians" series, where we introduce the minds shaping the future of Kognic. Today, we are excited to introduce Polly Jing Li, a vital member of our team whose journey is remarkable and full of interesting anecdotes.

Early career

Hailing from China, Polly's journey to becoming a Kognician has been one of exploration and continuous learning. She started her academic journey with a focus on engineering, but her curiosity and an inherent desire for practical learning led her to different paths.

Polly began her career in marketing and sales in Beijing, working in the realm of real estate for the government. At 22, she found herself speaking to CEOs of enterprises, negotiating deals, and presenting plans. This early exposure to challenges honed her courage and resilience, preparing her for the professional journey ahead.

Entrepreneur at heart

Alongside her job, Polly also started an education business. She introduced a unique language learning school in China, focusing on making learning a fun and engaging process. This experience not only enriched her entrepreneurial journey but also influenced her decision to explore study opportunities abroad.


An unexpected shift to Sweden

Originally aiming to study in the US, Polly found herself considering Sweden upon a friend's suggestion. The last-minute shift led her to Chalmers University of Technology, where she pursued a Master of Science in Vehicle Safety. Though initially daunted by the subject area, she discovered her interest in autonomous systems and active safety features.

Delphi and CEVT

Following her studies, Polly joined Delphi, and worked on infotainment head unit development, as a software programmer. While it was a deviation from her original focus on active safety, it offered her a deeper understanding of the software development in embedded systems she was interested in.

After her tenure at Delphi, Polly moved on to CEVT, China Euro Vehicle Technology, where she continued to expand her expertise in automotive software. At CEVT, she worked on innovative projects, further honing her skills in software development and project management. This experience allowed Polly to deepen her understanding of the automotive industry, especially in the area of autonomous driving technology.

Hidden extrovert?

While Polly may come across as an introvert to those who don't know her well, her colleagues and friends will tell you she's anything but. She enjoys forming deep, meaningful connections with those around her and is always open to new experiences and ideas. Her extroverted nature shines through in her ability to lead and inspire teams, engage in lively discussions, and build strong relationships both within and outside the workplace. Her energetic and outgoing personality, combined with her passion for her work, makes her a vital and vibrant part of our team here at Kognic.

Outside of work

When she's not working, Polly is a dedicated parent who enjoys spending quality time with her loved ones. She has a particular passion for helping her son with his studies, creating engaging educational games to make learning fun. Polly also values her heritage and makes it a priority to visit her family in China whenever possible. Despite her busy schedule, she never compromises on family time, seeing it as an essential part of her life. Although Polly admits that she sometimes struggles to balance family and work, she is determined to make time for both, showing the same resilience in her personal life as she does in her professional one.

IMG_1216_(1)-1Polly spending quality time go-karting with her son

Polly at Kognic

Today, Polly's diverse experience and unique perspective bring invaluable insights to our team. Her journey is a testament to her adaptability, resilience, and unyielding spirit of exploration. Her story reminds us that sometimes the path to success isn't a straight line, but a series of unexpected detours that lead us to where we're meant to be.


Stay tuned for more stories from our "Meet the Kognicians" series, where we celebrate the diverse and inspiring journeys of our team members.