Meet the Kognicians - Ronnie Walker

Today, we want to introduce you to Ronnie Walker! Ronnie is part of our Key Account team and takes care of one of our main accounts, Continental. But there's so much more to him than just his job title. Let's dive into Ronnie's story and get to know him a little better!

Ronnie is a true blend of cultures. He was born in a small place called Hamilton, New Zealand, and raised in the windy city of Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. With his Kiwi background, Ronnie brings a unique perspective to our team. However, his perception of the world is heavily influenced by his time growing up in Australia. The coffee culture, the beaches, and the rebel spirit of Australian culture have all left their mark on Ronnie.

New Zealand 

But Ronnie's journey didn't stop there. He spent four years living in Sweden and fell in love with the European vibe and culture. It was during his time in Sweden that he realized the importance of exploring the world and experiencing different countries firsthand.

Both Ronnie’s parents are Kiwis, and his heritage is a mix of Kiwi, Samoan, and German. Talk about a diverse background! The love for sports runs in the family, with Ronnie's grandfather being a boxing champ and his uncle playing for the New Zealand Black Caps in cricket. Ronnie himself represented New Zealand in golf, following in the footsteps of his sports-oriented family.

Speaking of golf, Ronnie's passion for the game is undeniable. He started playing at a young age, with his grandfather and uncle being his early mentors. Golf wasn't the typical sport for someone of Pacific Islander descent in New Zealand, but Ronnie's love for the artistry of the game drew him in. He honed his skills and set ambitious goals, dreaming of becoming the best in the world. His journey took him to the United States, where he experienced the highs and lows of being a professional athlete.



Life has its twists and turns, and Ronnie eventually found himself transitioning from professional golf to the tech world. He realized that being the best in his field required an obsessive dedication that he couldn't sustain in golf. Ronnie sought new challenges and opportunities, and that's how he ended up at Kognic. Drawn to our company's fast-paced environment and the opportunity to solve cool problems, Ronnie knew he had found the right place.

Outside of work, Ronnie is a family man. He's currently on the lookout for a new home, as he and his wife want to create a bigger space for their growing family. They are considering staying in Sweden, where they appreciate the support and opportunities for their son's future. However, Ronnie does admit to missing the Australian banter and the free-spirited culture of his home country.

 Swedish coast


As for the future, Ronnie is excited to see where life takes him and his family. He wants his son to have the freedom to explore and make his own choices, whether it's in sports or any other aspect of life. One thing is for sure, though - Ronnie will always have a golf club ready to introduce his little one to the game he loves.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Ronnie Walker through our interview below, one of our exceptional Kognicians!

Stay tuned for more stories and insights from our talented team. Until next time!