Marketing masterclass: Leveraging experts and AI to create content

For marketing teams, creating high-quality, engaging content is a crucial task. At Kognic, we have a unique workflow that leverages our in-house experts. We use one-on-one video interviews to gain in-depth insights, which assist us in crafting the right content, with the help of AI tools.

We have summarised our workflow in three different steps:

Step 1: Record the Interview

A key aspect of our content creation strategy is conducting video interviews with our experts. These interviews, conducted via Google Meet, provide more depth and context than traditional written documents. The conversations unfold naturally, leading us to valuable and unique perspectives that resonate with our audience.

The best part? You get video, audio, transcripts, and screenshots all in one session.



Step 2: Draft the Content Using AI Tools

We then convert the key points from the interview into a compelling story for our blog post. While the initial draft may not be perfect, it serves as a springboard that we can refine. We also enhance the post by incorporating relevant screenshots.

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Step 3: Extract Visuals and Other Content from the Video

Content often extends beyond written words. You need images, screenshots, and videos to make it dynamic. The beauty of this process is that we can easily access these resources from the video recording. For example, our product managers provide detailed walkthroughs of features during the interview. We can take screenshots from these segments or capture new ones in our product for higher resolution. With the context in hand, it's much easier to do this ourselves instead of relying solely on our experts.

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So, what's holding you back? Don't hesitate to interview the experts within your organization. You're sure to discover valuable insights that will resonate with your audience!

Here a quick list of our favorite tools to do this:

You can of course record using other tools for better quality - but to get started, Google meet works just fine!