New office for our Headquarters

With the rapid growth of the company also comes new requirements for larger dedicated office spaces. We are therefore excited to announce a new milestone in the company’s history. We are now moving into our new office space for our Headquarters in Gothenburg. And with its beautiful location riverside at Lindholmen, it’s placed at the heart of the tech-hub in Gothenburg, Sweden.

For a company in rapid growth, you soon get used to outgrowing your office space. The key is to find a location that suits your needs and, at the same time, enables expansion. Additionally, the office space shall be a facilitator for your teams to prosper, allowing a great working environment that boosts creativity, communication, team spirit, and efficiency in everyday work. Our new office space is handpicked and customized to serve all these purposes.

The new headquarters are located at Lindholmspiren 7 in Gothenburg and is beautifully overlooking the river to the ocean and at the same time placed in the centrum of the tech-hub in Gothenburg. The close connection to both the university, big automotive companies, and great connections to public transport makes it an ideal place to be.

"For us, it's the natural choice to be located at Lindholmen, the tech-hub in Gothenburg. We are working with tomorrow’s cars, and if it’s anywhere in Gothenburg that happens, it’s at Lindholmen"

Oscar Petersson, Co-founder and COO.

The office space houses up to 90 employees in a modern layout with dedicated areas for calm work environments and great areas for get-togethers, workshops, and client meetings. And when the summer evening in Sweden starts to kick in, the roof terraces overlooking the river gives a magnificent view of the city and harbor.

If you are in the area, reach out and come by for a coffee and talk to us.

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