The race to the bottom in AI.

How would you feel if your AI solution was built on the back of exploitative working conditions and practices? Well, welcome to the world of data labelling and business process outsourcing, which has become a vital part of the rapidly growing AI and Machine Learning industry.

Our team at Kognic feels strongly that the current dynamic with workforce partners, who provide the critical annotation skills to power machine learning, has to change.

At Kognic, we require all workforce partners that we engage adhere to a strong set of ethical guidelines that provide a higher threshold of minimum pay; better working conditions for both training and production; timelines aligned with standard business schedules and calendars (e.g. a 40 hour week with holiday time off) and other important expectations such as high-speed internet connections. With thousands of data labellers working for our customer’s AI efforts - through our platform - our goal has been to elevate all stakeholders in AI with fair pay, fair conditions, fair contracts, fair representation and fair management.

Our CEO & Co-Founder, Daniel Langkilde, is being featured in new articles on this important topic. You can read more at em360 - a technical journal with podcast, newsletter and published articles - and also at AI Journal.

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash