Ground-Truth Platform

Achieve the quality you need to develop your safe perception system.

Crafted with cutting-edge annotation features, our Ground-Truth Platform supports all relevant sensor modalities and all use cases for automated driving for you to achieve safe perception. Based on your safety case and perception performance goals, we’ll guide you to meet your high quality and consistency requirements, while processing vast amounts of data in a cost-efficient manner.

Everything you need to develop your safe perception system - under the same roof.

MacBook frame image Screenshot of annotation from the Kognic platform

Powerful capabilities to support all use cases for automated mobility

With our Ground-Truth Platform, you get the data you need in order to achieve safe perception. No matter the use case.

Cars with annotations

Enjoy an effortless and continuously optimized ground-truth production experience

Enjoy an effortless experience focused on both quality and speed, including automation tools, assisting the annotators, with optimized workflows and support for pre-annotations.

Standardized APIs for easy integration

Upload and download datasets directly via our APIs. In addition to that, we offer the possibility to download your ground-truth data using the industry standard format - OpenLabel. Voilà: no lock-in effect!

Programmers using API
Analytics and graphs

Gain leverage with Perception Analytics

With seamless integration to our first Perception Analytics software stack product, Dataset Quality Analytics, your Ground-Truth data is ready to analyze, quantify quality and validate.

This is what our Ground-Truth Platform supports

3d object detection
semantic segmentation
long sequences
complex objects with a lot of properties and dependencies
other drawing tools

Advanced annotation tasks...

sensor fusion
efficient loading and data distribution
time sync

... and the most complex automotive sensor combinations

Empower your team