Ground-Truth Platform 

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Everything you need to develop your safe perception system - under the same roof.

Screenshot of annotation from the Kognic platformMacBook frame image

Powerful capabilities to support all use cases for automated mobility

With our Ground-Truth Platform, you get the data you need in order to achieve safe perception. No matter the use case.

Enjoy an effortless and continuously optimized ground-truth production experience

Enjoy an effortless experience focused on both quality and speed, including automation tools, assisting the annotators, with optimized workflows and support for pre-annotations.

Cars with annotations

Standardized APIs for easy integration

Upload and download datasets directly via our APIs. In addition to that, we offer the possibility to download your ground-truth data using the industry standard format - OpenLabel. Voilà: no lock-in effect!

Programmers using API

Gain leverage with Perception Analytics

With seamless integration to our first Perception Analytics software stack product, Dataset Quality Analytics, your Ground-Truth data is ready to analyze, quantify quality and validate.

Analytics and graphs

This is what our Ground-Truth Platform supports

Advanced annotation tasks...

... and the most complex automotive sensor combinations

Empower your team today