Security Policy

Security Policy

Effective date 11/12/2024 - Version 1.5

Kognic Information Security Policy


The primary objective of the Kognic Information Security Policy is to fortify the company's digital assets and core business - our digital platforms and annotation services. Through this policy, we aim to ensure the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability of Kognic's assets. Our focus is to shield against unauthorized access, alterations, and destruction, so we may safeguard the trust our customers place in us.


Our vision for information security at Kognic extends beyond mere compliance. We aspire to cultivate a culture where security isn't a barrier but a catalyst for innovation and trust. By embedding robust security practices within every facet of our operations, we aim to foster an environment where:

  • Innovation flourishes: Security isn't a limitation but a bedrock that nurtures innovation. It enables our teams to push boundaries and confidently explore new frontiers in the digital landscape.
  • Trust is paramount: We uphold an unyielding commitment to our customers' trust, without this, we will not be successful.
  • Resilience prevails: In the face of evolving threats, our resilience stands firm. We proactively adapt, fortify, and innovate our security posture, staying ahead of potential risks.
  • Empowerment reigns: Every individual at Kognic is empowered with the knowledge, tools, and responsibility to champion security. It's not just a task for a few but a collective endeavor woven into the fabric of our company culture.

Through this policy, we aim to align our security practices with industry-leading standards, ensuring that our information security framework not only meets regulatory requirements but surpasses them. It's a strategic investment in the long-term sustainability and growth of Kognic, fostering a secure environment where our digital innovations thrive and customer confidence remains unwavering.

If you want to contact with us at Kognic AB our HQ is located at: Lindholmspiren 7, 4117 56, Göteborg

To reach our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), please email:

Changes to our policy

We will continuously review and when necessary update this Security Policy to reflect the feedback we receive, legal changes or changes to the platform and our services. When we change we will edit the “Effective Date” at the top and the version number.