We are Kognic.

Today, we help machines reliably make sense of a messy, chaotic, and unstructured world. Our machine learning platform enables businesses to get to market faster with less risk - and data engineers simply love working with our tools as they evolve their datasets into high-performing and trusted assets.

Perception is a vital technology in understanding the world around us and our expertise in machine learning is poised to positively impact not just Automotive, but other markets, such as Robotics, Manufacturing and Heavy Industry just to name a few.

Come talk to us at Kognic and see a future where data quality, safety and performance will shape the direction of AI-powered experiences.

We are the future

Kognic was conceived in the curious and bold minds of two engineering physicists who dared to dream big and bet on finding a software solution which didn’t exist.

By 2018, Daniel Langkilde and Oscar Petersson had already worked for a number of years in the field of Deep Learning at several automotive companies, when they decided to find the answer to their aspirations (and frustration 😅) in the entrepreneurial life. 

Today, our machine learning platform has evolved to be a core toolset for world-leading companies in the fields of Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, Autonomous Driving and Active Safety development which share our values and are determined to deliver great customer experiences. We’re not for half-hearted deals. We’re for business as a force for good.



We are experts

We come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and bring different skills to the table. However, we are a united group of individuals with many things in common, amongst them, a strong sense of purpose and the expertise earned through the years at top tech and automotive companies.

This is how our passion, dedication and knowledge enable a smooth start for every project! We understand your use case and goals. And most importantly: we take every opportunity to shine, and make magic with you, as our customer.



We are Gothenburg

We are proudly located in one of the most dynamic areas of Gothenburg: Lindholmen.

It’s not just for the stunning views from the pier, although we love the environment ⛵! Being at the heart of the technology and research ecosystem, close to the University of Chalmers and surrounded by inspiring startups, motivates us everyday and makes us not lose sight of our contribution to the world. We couldn’t imagine delivering state-of-the-art solutions any other way!

Gothenburg shapes us in many other aspects. Just like our city, Kognic is a melting pot of cultures and languages. It is a place where diverse ideas are welcome and we as Kognicians are appreciated for who we are.

And we've expanded to Germany - come visit us in Munich! Next stop, California. 



Values are at the core of everything we do

They are essential to the point of being decisive when we start collaborations
with customers. Sharing the same mindset, being determined to build a
market-leading safe perception system, cannot just happen short-term, and it
needs to be guided by strong principles.

Our values lead our work as a team, too. We aim high and we wouldn’t be able to
make our company mission come true if we didn’t stick to what we believe in.
Wanna find out everything about our way of working?

Gothenburg HQ

Lindholmspiren 7

417 56 Göteborg, Sverige


Munich Office

Salvatorplatz 3

80333 München, Germany