Kognic wins the Sensor-Fusion Solution of the Year!

We at Kognic are thrilled to announce our recent triumph at the Tech.AD USA Awards 2023, where we were honored with the title of Sensor Perception Solution of the Year for 2023. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of dataset management for safety-critical AI.

The Tech.AD USA Awards celebrate outstanding contributions and remarkable advancements within the automotive industry, and we are proud to have been acknowledged as a frontrunner in sensor perception solutions. This award is a reflection of our continuous dedication to empowering enterprises in assembling efficient ground-truth data pipelines for sensor-fusion datasets.

Our platform, the Kognic Platform®, stands as a pioneering force, accelerating Machine Learning (ML) for performance-critical, embodied Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. Designed by engineering physicists with extensive expertise in Deep Learning, the Kognic Platform® has become a key toolset in the Advanced Driving Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving industries.

Daniel Langkilde, our CEO and Co-Founder, emphasizes, "A paradigm shift in product value requires a paradigm shift in development tools and processes, and that is exactly what we are seeking to provide for the automotive industry with the Kognic platform."

The Kognic Platform® is built upon an industry-leading annotation engine, enabling multi-sensor fusion by merging data from radar, LiDAR, and camera sensors. This fusion facilitates intuitive visualization of complex sequences, significantly expediting AI product teams' efforts to explore, shape, and explain their datasets.

Our Prediction Gap Lens®, a pivotal component of our solution, plays a crucial role in enhancing model performance by identifying critical anomalies between annotations and predictions. This enables teams to refine and optimize their datasets iteratively, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in development cycles that prioritize both performance and safety.



Oscar Petersson, Co-Founder, and CFO, points out, "Many key players in the automotive industry are recognizing the importance of data as a key element of product value. Kognic is helping to pioneer new ways of thinking and working to create more reliable approaches to embodied AI applications such as autonomous driving."

At Kognic, we are committed to spearheading transformative advancements in dataset management, driving the automotive industry towards safer and technologically innovative solutions. We extend our gratitude to The Tech.AD USA Awards for this esteemed recognition and look forward to continued collaboration and innovation in AI-driven automotive technology.