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We are Kognic

We are becoming Kognic, and we make safe perception possible.

Automated driving will have a huge, positive impact on the world. Most importantly, it will help save lives. Every year, 1.3 million people die in traffic accidents. A lot of unexpected things happen in traffic, and you cannot always see everything around you. There is a huge opportunity to save lives by making cars reliably see the world using safe perception systems.

For increasingly automated driving to be accepted and adopted, it has to be objectively safe. As an industry, we are moving from prototypes and proofs of concepts to launching products. That means a big responsibility to ensure the vehicles we launch are safe. Already today, several of the world's largest OEMs, T1s, sensor makers, and L4 companies rely on our software when developing their perception systems. Our mission is to make all cars pass their vision test.

While fully automated driving may still be years into the future, cars are getting smarter every day. Today, only 15% of the total car fleet is equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). Still, the share of new cars with ADAS is increasing fast. The ADAS market alone is worth $25B+ per year and growing over 10% per year. Great software will further accelerate the development of automated driving, saving even more lives and creating even more value.

Kognic focuses on perception since all mobility requires the ability to see the world. Perception systems typically consist of sensors such as cameras, LiDARs, and radars, along with software to interpret what the sensors capture. We find that too many engineering teams struggle to make informed decisions when working to improve the performance of their perception system. Do I have enough data? Is it of high enough quality to fulfill my performance and safety requirements? Does it cover the right scenarios? To answer these questions, and accelerate the development of perception systems, we are determined to become the leading provider of Perception Analytics.

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